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Somerset - Residential - On Site

The retrofit and refurbishment of a 1960s dwelling in Somerset. The designs see a complete overhaul and retrofit of the buildings external skin. Walls are overclad and insulated in order to dramatically improve the formal and visual performance of the property. A skin of natural lime plaster is applied to the give a textured, rich and tonally warm appearance whilst window apertures are amended to be proportionally attractive and materially contextual.

Large format glazing is introduced in order to draw light into the generous hallway and the currently dark interior of the property. The internal arrangement is amended, placing core living functions to the south elevation, this is better reflected in the external appearance, with large sections of glazing introduced in order to provide visual and physical permeability with this core external space.

A principal design concept is driven by a need to address access to the property, creating theatre in the sense of arrival whilst practically delineating hierarchy between primary/ secondary access and addressing the sites level change.
The designs seek to create a legible primary entrance with generous glazing bring light into a spacious and welcoming hallway.
Externally a south facing terrace addresses this internal space with stepped
access, planters and double height seated steps creating a playful means
of addressing the level change between internal and external spaces.

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