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Middle Gingers

West Sussex - Residential - On Site

Set within the historic West Sussex parish of Rudgwick, the artery of Church Street saw an exciting and bold development of ‘modern’ housing at the turn of the 20th century. As land was sold off from neighbouring farms, large detached houses were designed and built to a rich variety of styles. Middle Gingers was built by a master builder to an Arts and Crafts style, set within a large deep plot and bounded by mature trees on all sides.

Over the years this residential property has fallen into disrepair, with a number of ad hoc outbuildings and extensions added to the rear elevation and as such blocking the views over the surrounding countryside. Our clients brief sought to extend the home with additional kitchen living space, whilst reordering the internal configuration to better suit the needs of a large young family. Improvements were also sought to the external building fabric to dramatically improve the buildings energy performance.

The design concept can be characterised as an approach to utilising a contemporary form in order to reinstate symmetry and calm to a striking traditional building form.

When read in its abstract form Middle Gingers is characterised by its approach to symmetry and order with a high degree of individualism in the architectural detailing. The primary south elevation has a language of its own with its steeply raking roof line and symmetrical placement of three dormer windows, the three remaining elevations share a striking pin wheel geometry with steeply sloping roofs and half hipped gables.

To the north a series of ad hoc modern additions detract from this logic and create an introverted facade to the elevation that requires the greatest connectivity to the garden and views beyond. The proposals seek to reinforce the architectural language that characterised the original built form.

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