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Pitfield Corner Farm

Somerset - Residential - On Site

The design concept draws upon the sites unique character, with built form
sensitively located amongst an unspoilt and bucolic landscape.
The proposals seek to bed the scheme within the landscape by utilising
the sites existing topography, the existing fringe vegetation as well as
the introduction of a carefully curated design response to enhanced
biodiversity and ecology. 

The built form and landscaping strategy go hand
in hand in order to create a scheme that is treads lightly and is of its place.
The house itself is conceived as two distinct blocks, arranged in relation
to views, passive solar design and the prevailing weather whilst permitting
visual and physical connections with the verdant immediate and wider

A ground floor of local stone provides human scale as well as enclosure,
creating a consistent datum across the site. On top of this solid mass
perches a zinc or timber clad element taking reference from the forms and
materiality of both traditional and modern barns in the area.
A juxtaposition and hierarchy is formed between the ground floor
environment and an ancillary family member. The minimal contemporary
detailing free of ornament, the tone and agricultural form of the proposed
mass is intended to reinforce this concept.

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